Art Education News:  Photon Magic Exhibit by Environmental Artist Don Browning is scheduled for February 18 at the Florida School of the ArtsSt Johns River Community College, Palatka Florida.
Eustis Educational Opportunity:  Lake Eustis Institute, lifelong learning for creative thinking.
Eustis High honored with Tomorrow's Astronauts Award.  Lake Eustis Sailing Club Sponsor.  Dedication by Senator Alan Hays. 
Florida Council on Arts and Culture member Don Browning joins singer, artist Bobby Goldsboro in an important First Edition Exhibit.
Executive Director of Marion Cultural Alliance Nancy Ledding arranges an opportunity for the community to meet with Bobby and Diane Goldsboro. 

Environmental Artist Don Browning hopes to use Earth Science to stop utility waste discharge to Florida drinking water aquifers.

Astronaut Michael J. Foreman is selected as the next role model to be honored by Gammon's Team Telescope.

MultiSpectrum Photography 2009 Don Browning
Art links with Education at Space Florida, the Technology Information Source

Governor Charlie Crist started the idea with the Gadsden County Educational Initiative to promote opportunity for students.
Always ready to promote a positive role model for youth Lt Governor Jeff Kottkamp and Governor Charlie Crist help children from DJJ individuals at risk, to Eagle Scouts ready to achieve the next level of learning.

Governor Crist and Don Browning
Governor Crist Hosts the Governor's Community Investment Awards.

Don Browning uses multi wave length slices of the Electromagnatic Spectrum much like NASA Hubble images to show the whole picture.

Founder of Tomorrow's Astronauts, Don works to use Art to promote Education.  Funded by the Gammons Charitable Foundation telescopes are used on earth to promote nature and aimed at the heavens to expand knowledge of our universe.

Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp of Florida presides.
Sheriff Ed Dean, discusses the Susan Helms Telescope with Lt Gov Kottkamp.

Sheriff Brad Steube  and Secretary Walt McNeil join Don Browning Sheriff Ed Dean and Lt Governor Jeff Kottkamp join in discussion while delivering the Susan J Helms Telescope to the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches.

Governor Crist stops to chat with a student.
Katherine Freeland Lobbies the Governor on important Student Concerns.

Sponsored by Team Conservation.Com, and Team Telescope.Com

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Solar Solutions are here to stay, states Don Browning as he prepares to launch the Solar Promotional Art Exhibit Photon Magic!
Florida Arts College will host this important exhibit.
President Joe Pickens selected Don's exhibit for the 2010 kick off.
My first fasination with Solar Voltics was in the late '70s when my daugher Jennifer asked for lights in her playhouse.  An Arco Solar Panel was selected to power the system, thought to be the first in the nation at the time.
Internationally recognized as an artist, Don Browning is involved in many Electro Magnatic Arenas.
Visit Tomorrows Astronauts to see the link between Art and Technology.

Worldwide Power, Green Solutions! Space Florida
NASA and Space Florida lead the world in Solar Votaic Solutions. 2009 Don Browning

NASA launches STS 125 to service the Hubble
2009 Don Browning, Telescopes are helping mankind understand the universe.